Dyspraxia Signs

Frequently Asked Questions About Dyspraxia

Below are some of the most frequent questions that are asked on our helpline.

My child is showing signs of Dyspraxia. Where can I go to get a diagnosis?

Try the HSE local primary care team first .If long waiting list then consider going private.We would advise that you go directly to a very experienced occupational therapist in the area of Dyspraxia/DCD who will give a definite diagnosis if one is present .Contact us for more info on services in your area .

Another route is to get a referral from your GP to see a paediatrician and either see him/her through HSE route or ask for private assessment .

A neurologist  will  also diagnose Dyspraxia if it is present.

It has been advised that our child needs Occupational therapy, however, we cannot source OT in our area or waiting lists are extensive.

Contact us " The Dyspraxia Association of Irelandeland "). Telephone: 01 8747085, Website: www.dyspraxia.ieOr ask them to contact their local health clinic

My child has speech/language difficulties. It has been advised that he/she gets Speech & Language therapy but we cannot

Ask them to contact ourselves or  Irish association of Speech and Language therapists. (I.A.S.L.T) Telephone: 01 8780215, Website: www.iaslt.com

What help is my child with Dyspraxia entitled to in school?

Once there is a concrete diagnosis of Dyspraxia, your child is entitled to resource hours and a Special Needs Assistant.

Will my child grow out of Dyspraxia?

There is no known cure for Dyspraxia, but with the appropriate treatment, they can overcome the difficulties they face in daily living.

What activities would you encourage to promote my child’s social skills?

Buddy systems in schools and include them in as many team sports as possible.

Can you make any suggestion as to how to improve my child’s handwriting skills?

We would advise using a sloped writing board, rubber pencil grip, ensure posture is correct when seated at table. If writing is illegible, seek advice on sourcing a laptop (Dept of Education)

My child has trouble dressing/undressing himself/herself. How can I help him?

A child with Dyspraxia needs considerable help in acquiring dressing skills. These should be taught at home with constant encouragement and reinforcement. Constant repetition will improve these skills. (use Velcro instead buttons , elastic shoelaces/slip on shoes)

Does alternative medicine cure Dyspraxia?

The Dyspraxia Association of Ireland is unable to endorse or discredit any individual complementary therapy. If one particular therapy is been considered, then gather as much independent information as possible and request the professional or recognised body of the therapist and check their credentials. Parents/those affected should also ask for research to prove the effectiveness of the treatment.

What causes Dyspraxia?

There is no known cause of Dyspraxia. No clinical neurological abnormality is present to explain the condition. Research suggests that it is due to an immaturity of neurone development in the central nervous system.

If you have any queries that you would like answered please let us know